💻 You have found Your way to the Swedish company ”PCFix.se”. We have been dealing with computers, software and webdesign since 2004. This is the home of the highly appreciated ”NoOne-PC” brand; professionally customized computers! Our website is unfortunately only available in Swedish language. If you want to contact us you may send an e-mail to .

💡 You might be interested in the state-of-the-art AI offline program pack:
💾 N1PC Offline Artificial Intelligence, highly recommended!

🏴‍☠️ You might also be interested in the freeware program OfflineBay v2.0 Prepared 2020, which is a standalone Windows 10 program, containing the complete offline database from The Pirate Bay, with all active magnetlinks as of March 2020:
💾 Download OfflineBay Prepared from Webhost 🧲 Get it via Magnetlink

📺 Or the popular Walkout Tellia TV Play Plus Radio 2022, which makes it really easy to view online IPTV, movies, series and to listen to Internet Radio. Compiled by PCFix.se
💾 Download Walkout Tellia TV Play Plus Radio from Webhost 🧲 Get it via Magnetlink

👁️‍🗨️ We hope you do not need the GoodByeDPI, but if you do; feel free and circumvent your governments censor:
💾 Download GoodByeDPI from Webhost

We wish you a very good day/night!